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The R Primer

NOTE: an updated version of the R Primer has just been published. The web page will be updated to reflect the new version of the book in early April.



An ideal introduction for readers from all disciplines, this book provides examples and solutions (including code) to technical problems that are commonly encountered by beginners and intermediate users of the R statistical programming package. Unlike most existing texts, this one is not meant to teach statistics; rather, it shows readers how they can perform various tasks using the R program. The author explores problems with importing data, transforming data, making statistical analyses, creating graphics for scientific publications, and installing R packages.

For a complete list of topics covered in the book see this list


  1. Importing data
    • Reading spreadsheets
    • Importing data from other statistical software programs
    • Exporting data
  2. Manipulating data
    • Working with data frames
    • Factors
    • Transforming variables
  3. Statistical analyses
    • Descriptive statistics
    • Linear models
    • Generalized linear models
    • Methods for analysis of repeated measurements
    • Specific methods
    • Model validation
    • Contingency tables
    • Agreement
    • Multivariate methods
    • Resampling statistics and bootstrapping
    • Robust statistics
    • Non-parametric methods
    • Survival analysis
  4. Graphics
    • High-level plots
    • More advanced graphics
    • Working with graphics
  5. R
    • Getting information
    • R packages
    • The R workspace