R code used to produce the graph shown below.

# Set extra space for rotated labels 
par(mar = c(7, 4.2, 1, 1) + 0.1) 
# Create plot with no x axis and no x axis label 
x <- 1:6 
plot(x, sin(x), xaxt="n", xlab="", pch=1:6, cex=mycex) 
axis(1, labels=FALSE) 
labels <- c("Are", "you", "master", "of", "your", "domain?") 
# Add labels at default tick marks 
text(x, y=par("usr")[3] - .1, srt=25, adj=1, 
    labels=labels, xpd=TRUE, cex=2) 
# Add axis label at line 5 
mtext(1, text="Added label for x-axis", line=5, cex=2)