R code used to produce the graph shown below.

x <- seq(0, 5, .1) 
# Plot sine and square root curve and add x axis label 
plot(x, sin(x), type="l", ylim=c(-1, 2.5), 
     xlab=expression(paste("Concentration ", mu[i]))) 
lines(x, sqrt(x), lty=2) 
title(expression(paste("This looks like ", Gamma, 
      rho, epsilon, epsilon, kappa, " to me"))) 
# Place equations at specific positions 
text(4, 1.5, expression(hat(x) == sqrt(x)), cex=mycex) 
text(1.6, -.5, expression(paste(plain(sin)(x) == 
     sum(frac((-1)^n, paste((2*n+1), plain("!")))*x^(2*n+1), 
     n==0, infinity))), cex=mycex)