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Make a 2D surface plot

You want to create a 2D contour plot of a surface


R has several built-in functions that produce two-dimensional plots of a surface. The contour function displays isolines of a matrix z, where the elements of z are interpreted as heights with respect to the xy plane.

The following code makes a contour plot for the function sin(x*y) evaluated over the rectangle [0, 3]x[0, 4].

> x <- seq(0, 3, .2)	# Set grid points for x
> y <- seq(0, 4, .1)	# Set grid points for y
> z <- outer(x, y, FUN=function(xx,yy) { sin(xx*yy) })  # Compute function at all grid points
> contour(x, y, z)	# Make contour plot
The result can be seen in the Figure below

See rule 4.12 in The R Primer for more information. The book also shows how to use the filled.contour or image functions to make improved 2D images.

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