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Change the reference level for a factor

You want to reorder the levels of a factor to ensure that a specific level comes first

Solution: By default, R orders factor levels according to their alphabetical/lexicographic order. This is especially useful for models, when the first factor levels is taken as the reference level.

The relevel function sets the first level of an unordered factor. It takes the factor as first argument, and the ref argument expects a string which sets the factor level that is to be first.

> f <- factor(LETTERS[1:5])
> f
[1] A B C D E
Levels: A B C D E
> f <- relevel(f, ref="D")     # Set level D as reference
> f
[1] A B C D E
Levels: D A B C E

The Relevel function from the Epi package can set the order of each of the factor levels and not just the first level.

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